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Can I Ride a Mountain Bike on the Road

The main worry cyclists have, apart from traffic, is whether their bicycle is suitable for certain terrains.  You don’t want to splurge on a brand new bike and found out it’s impossible to ride in the city. One question that has many of us stumped is “can I ride a mountain bike on the road?” Don’t […]

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How To Clean A Mountain Bike In 6 Easy Steps

A clean mountain bike doesn’t just look better; regular cleaning will help your machine run smoother for longer. It is important to maintain a regular cleaning routine to protect your favorite bike from any unexpected damage. However, cleaning a mountain bike is not that much difficult. With proper instruction, you can clean your bike easily. […]

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How To Use Gears On A Mountain Bike – Know The Secret

How To Use Gears On A Mountain Bike – Know The Secret Along with your brakes, shifting your gears is one of the essential mechanical functions of your mountain bike. Learning how to shift may seem basic, but practicing with gearing and shifting efficiently is something that even expert riders can work on. Proper gearing […]

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