5 Best Mountain Bike Suspension Forks In 2020 - Expert Buyers Guide

Suspension forks are specialized devices that come separate from bikes but have to be fitted into the system of the bicycle to make for more comfortable riding.

The advantages of using suspension forks far outweigh the disadvantages and every serious bike rider currently must at least have one on them.

As important as suspension forks are to the bike uses, they are also extremely hard to get to know and understand. Most bike users know little of the specifics of these devices which makes the task of choosing one of them for your bike difficult and in most cases practically hopeless.

No one fork is better than all others; you must know what kind of fork you are looking for and whether it suits the specific kind of bike you have.

To aid in these decisions, this guideline offers detailed information on what to look out for and some of the best mountain bike suspension forks in the market for your convenience.

Things to Consider When Buying The Best Mountain Bike Suspension Forks

Obviously, before you go out to search for one of these devices, it is very important that you know the things to look out for that should inform your decision. These factors include:


Travel refers to the distance the fork moved up and down while it is functioning. It is perhaps the most important quality to look for in a fork.

The longer the travel, the more shock is absorbed by the fork meaning that your ride will be smoother. However, the longer the travel of the fork, the more the weight of the fork and this impacts on the bike making it heavier to use. Finding the right balance is key.


The nature of travel also determines control. Longer travel might give you more impact absorbing power, but it also means that you give up on the amount of control you have over the bike.

Having little control is of course not an advisable thing as the bike can give way anytime and cause you to fall. Again, a balance has to be struck between the two extremes.


The tradeoff between strength and weight also matters. A stronger fork is one with lesser travel and has lesser weight. This kind of fork is advisable for some kinds of riding but not all.

The weight of the fork increases as the travel increases. The extra weight has to be borne by the rider if they choose such a fork. The choice is again with the buyer.


A more obvious consideration is that of cost. Cost matters because it isn't always true that a more expensive fork will work better. At the same time, it is also true that to find a perfect fork some good amount of money will have to be forked out.

The buyer should not spend too much on his or her fork but should also know that a decent fork will cost them a sizeable amount of cash.

Mountain Bike Suspension Forks

Recommended Best Mountain Bike Forks

After looking at all the salient features that one must look at before they settle on a specific fork for their mountain bike, the next big decision to make is the actual type of fork to get because as has already been said there are a lot of Forks in the market. The guide below looks at these forks and presents each of their features.

1. SR Suntour XCM Suspension Fork

SR Suntour XCM Suspension Fork

As far as bike suspension devices go there are very few, that can beat this spectacular piece of machinery.

It has some of the most advanced features of any bike fork, and these features do make it stand out in a crowded field.

Adequate Thread Length

The length of the thread in any form is one of the most important considerations. If the length is short them there will be problems, but an extra-long thread will also prevent stress-free riding. The length of this thread is a good 55 mm for the best ride of your life.

Alloy Material

The material used in the construction of this device is a special alloy made that way to harness the strengths of all the individual metals and offset the downsides. This works perfectly to provide the best fork out there and one that should suit the user very well.


The form has a specialized spring inside its mechanism which helps it return to original state once it has been stretched. This makes the fork easy to use because it is self-adjusting.


The fork can be used on some bikes which all feature very diverse and unique constructions. It is made possible to be Able to accommodate all these different types of bikes and to offer the same flawless service to all of them.

2. RockShox 30 Gold TK Poploc Remote Right Solo 100mm Air Fork

RockShox 30 Gold TK Poploc Remote Right Solo 100mm Air Fork

This is one of the forks to have if you are interested in a device that will serve you for long and remain reliable and in good shape for years and years.

Its features which show how wonderful it truly is include all of the following.

Air Fork Capabilities

There are different types of Forks depending on how the fork is enabled to work. Air forks are one of the best kind of Forks around, and this fork is one such as these. It uses air as its primary mode of functioning which gives it numerous advantages in comparison to Forks powered by other means.

Corrosion Resistant

The fork is made of metal that is treated in a way to enable it to withstand all kinds of corrosion in the environment. The fork is also painted of course which reduces the risk of rusting of corrosion even further. This makes the fork last longer and serve longer.

Rebound Adjustment

As the fork is coming back to its resting position, it is important that there be some mechanism that allows the fork to realign itself as perfectly as it was before. In this fork, such a mechanism exists and allows for rebound adjustment to be done smoothly.

Pre-Fitting Ease

Pre-fitting is that stage that usually comes before the device is fixed to the bike. The fork has to be adjusted in certain ways to enable it to be fixed easily on to the bike. The pre-fitting specifics on this fork are easy and not cumbersome to understand.

3. RockShox Recon TK Solo Air 100 Suspension Bicycle Fork

RockShox Recon TK Solo Air 100 Suspension Bicycle Fork

The RockShox device maintains the same quality as all others but is a little bit differentiated because these devices are usually made for different purposes. It has a set of features as well which include all of the following.

External Adjustment

Adjustment for when the fork is coming back to its resting state in this fork is carried out externally saving the interior of the fork all the hustle of housing and having to accommodate all these changes that have to take place every time the device has to come to rest.

Air Fork

As opposed to most other Forks around, this one uses air technology to help it accommodate the weight and provide adequate suspension on the bike.

Simple Fitting

The specifications for fitting are explicitly given, and it is up to the user to follow them. This means that the fitting of the fork is an easy business that doesn't require any expertise at all.


The fork works on some different bikes with the same level of ease. This is important because it means that the form can be used even if the bikes are different sizes or makes.

4. RST Capa T10 26" 80mm Fork Black No Steerer

RST Capa T10 26" 80mm Fork Black No Steerer

One of the most magnificent forks around is the RST Capa because of its quality design and admirable exterior.

I have been using one of these on my bike for quite some time now, and the results are more than impressive. Its features aren't flashy, but they are still very solid.

Smaller Travel

Compared to other Forks in the market, this fork has some of the lowest travel figures. The low travel is important because it makes the fork extremely manageable and therefore the problem of accidents due to little control is solved.

Extremely Light

As we said earlier if the travel is short then the fork becomes very light. This is important because a light fork doesn't become a burden on the rest of the bike and cause the bike to be difficult to handle.


For all manner of bikes that are to be used for light traveling or traveling that doesn't involve lots of carrying things around this fork is highly recommended. It makes the work on these kinds of errands flawless.

Easy Return

The return of this device doesn't cause issues when engaged and is also not hard to get even for an amateur.

5. RST Capa-T Suspension Fork

RST Capa-T Suspension Fork

A cousin of the other RST and similar in terms of quality. If a bike owner is looking for reliability, he or she will not go wrong here.

There's a lot to love in this fork and very little that will disappoint. It should be able to provide good service to your bike and give you good value for money.

Alloy For Lower Parts

The lower parts are made of a special alloy as is the crown. The reason for this is the enabling this alloy gives to the device to do its job without all the fuss. This alloy also makes the device extremely durable and long lasting.

80 Mm Travel

The amount of travel on this device is eighty mm, a rather midsized level of travel in comparison to other Forks out there. This makes it perfect for country biking. This amount of travel also doesn't give too much weight to the fork ensuring that the overall weight of the bike is low.

Coil Spring Return

The return mechanism is a respectable coil spring which works by providing precision and accuracy during the return process. The coils also ensure the device returns safely as they check on the nature of the return and guide it all the way through.

Aesthetic Value

Away from the technical side of things, this device is truly beautiful. It is designed with the aim of attracting people to it based on the beauty of the exterior. This tactic works well and gives the fork a lift and enables sales.

Final Verdict

All the five best mountain bike suspension forks presented here are the very best that could be found. Certainly isn't as hard as that of choosing between hundreds of even thousands of options. Any choice the user ends up with is guaranteed to serve him or her well and for a long time.

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