5 Best Mountain Bike Stem In 2020 - Expert Buyers Guide And Reviews

Welcome to the best mountain bike stems available in the market today. You might be wondering what a stem could be; it is simply the component on a bike that joins the handlebars to the steerer tube of the bicycle fork.

Having known what it is, it important to know that a bicycle stem determines the performance of your bike. If you are one of those guys who love cycling for long distances, you will find most often that a good stem results into a good ride and with best budget mountain bike.

If for example your stem is not to the standards then you will never have a smooth ride. You will experience a backache due to unbalance provided by a poor stem. It is, therefore, wise to select a stem that best fits your bike.

Selection, however, is not easy if you lack the k now-how. There are factors to put into consideration first. I have described the below. I hope that by the end of this review, you have what you are looking for if you need best mountain bikes under 200 check this out.

Things to Consider when Buying the Best Mountain Bike Stem

The following factors should never be left out of the considerations when it comes to selecting the best mountain bike stems. I found them imperative.


The length is a measure from the middle of the headset stem capbolt to the middle of the handlebar. It will guide how a bike handles. The top tube length will dictate a lot how short you can go before you begin to experience many negative handling traits.

If your bike has a short top tube, for example, putting a shorter stem will not be appropriate. It will be like riding a bike which is too small for you. So always aim for a stem length of between 50mm and 80mm for maximum results.

Handlebar Width

If you have a shorter stem on your bike, then you should consider increasing your handlebar width. It will help a lot in adding stability and control. This is because handlebars work perfectly in conjunction with stems to dictate your hand's position on the handles.


The rise is the angle of the stem's body. Stems come in different amount of rise. Your handlebars dictate the front end height of your mountain bike. A higher front end will mean having bars with more rises.

A lower front end can be achieved using flat bars.The best place to start is a stem of about 5-6 degrees or zero degrees if you are considering a stem shorter than seventy mm. This results in a nice neutral placing of the bar clamp area.


The material of construction can be left out of the consideration as it will determine the durability of the stem you buy. A good stem is the one made of Aluminum. Those made of steel are super cheap bikes meant only for kinds as they are ver weak and can break easily. Although Aluminum is the mostly used material, carbon fiber is the material of choice if you have cash to spend.

Other Considerations Mountain Bike Stem

  • The diameter of the handle bar where the stem clamps on should be put in mind.
  • The clamp design should be preferable a four-bolt one and not two
  • The cost of the stem should be reasonable
Best Mountain Bike Stem

Top 5 Best Mountain Bike Stem Reviews

If you are thinking of purchasing the best mountain bike stem, here are some top quality options that you can check.

1. Truvativ 40 0-Degree 42 Height 31.8 1-1/8 Hussefelt Stem

Truvativ 40 0-Degree 42 Height 31.8 1-1 8 Hussefelt Stem

Let's now get to the first stem falling under the best mountain bike stems selected because of its uniqueness and excellent features. The following are some of the features it has.


The material is strong enough and will last for long as it is made of a forged aluminum 6061-T6.This is a very strong material that will offer maximum durability to your stem and bike as a whole.


A good nice is the one which weighs less. Truvativ stem is a very lightweight stem with only 203g. It is, therefore, ideal for any mountain bike.

Sturdy and well Fitted

The stem is well crafted making it sturdy. It is a short stem which will fit perfectly into your bike. Give it a trial and you will not regret.


The stem comes with its bolts. The newly design bolts that will last for long is here for your fitting of the stem. The bolts are very strong. The stem is however recommended for the downhill group or Freeride only.

2. Race Face Respond Mountain Bike Stem

Race Face Respond Mountain Bike Stem

As the name suggest, this stem will prove to be the best for most races. It is very affordable and has the following exciting features which I believe will interest you and make you go for it.

6061 Aluminum

The material used to construct this stem is 6061 Aluminum. This is a strong material which gives this particular stem high strength and offers fatigue resistance at a reasonable weight.

Clamp Design

It is a four bolt clamp design making its installation even easier. The four bolts have an advantage over the two bolts in that it holds the bar more securely in position.

Interlocking Handlebar

The stem has interlocking u-shaped handlebars clamp geometry. This ensures that more load is transferred through the stem body and not the bolts. Thus less weigh is exerted on the bolts.


The stem comes with faceplates which help to eliminate stress risers. The faceplates will protect your bar from bending or eventual braking by eliminating stress on them.


The stem is not so heavy as to offer more resistance to your bike when cycling. It weighs only 195 grams. This is a perfect weight for a mountain bike.

3. Race Face Ride Mountain Bike Stem

3. Race Face Ride Mountain Bike Stem

This stem is nicely designed. Its appearance is so attractive, and it is a perfect match to any mountain bike. The following are some of the features that make it unique.

Forged & shot peened 6061

The material it is made from is aluminum 6061. It is forged and peened making it offer high strength and fatigue resistance at a reasonable price. The stem is, therefore, durable.

Four-Bolt Bar Clamp

Just like in the above case, the clamp design is a four bolt one. This will serve to enhance maximum securing in position of the stem to your bike and avid possible break up.


The stem comes in black color making it blend well with any other color of your bike. If you are a lady, and you are a concern is color, then this stem fits your needs.

Stem Weight

The stem weight is less than Race Face Respond Mountain Bike Stem weigh. It weighs only 140 grams making a nice selection for long distance riders as it will offer less resistance to the wind since it does not add more weight to the overall weight of the bike. This type of stem is made in Taiwan.

4. Truvativ Stylo T20 Bicycle Stem

Truvativ Stylo T20 Bicycle Stem

Truvativ Stylo is the way to go if you are into a durable stem with a higher firm clamping power as compared to the rest. The following are what makes it unique and the best in the market.

Clamp Design

The stem has four bolt handlebar clamp and additional two bolt on the steerer clamp part. This will serve to hold your bars securely in position without worry of yours stem breaking off.

Material Body

The body of this stem is made of 3D Forged 6061 Aluminum Alloy. The clamp also has an AL-6061 finish. The material offers more strength and fatigue resistance.

Length and Weight

The weigh only 145 grams, and the length is about 110 mm. These are great measurements for your mountain bike stem.

Flip-flop Design

The stem comes in flip flop design which allows the cyclist to dial in their position. It also has a handlebar clamp features open window design. The stem is fit for cross country, trail all mountain bikes.

5. Race Face Atlas Mountain Bike Stem

Race Face Atlas Mountain Bike Stem

This is the only stem that comes in red and black color making it more attractive. It is robust and quite affordable. It is one of the most popular Mountain Bike Stem.

Large vents

Ventilation is greatly enhanced here. The helmet has 20 large vents for maximum air circulation and temperature control.

6061-T6 aluminum

Aluminum 6061-T6 is the material of the day. All the best mountain bike stem are made from it. It serves to offer more durability over time.

Four Bolt Bar Clamp

The stem has four bolt bar clamp to hold the bar securely in position. Also it also has interlocking u-shaped handlebar clamp geometry for additional firmness.

Stress Riser

The stem has faceplates which act as stress risers. They help in preventing the bar from bending or breaking. In short, they relieve the bar off excessive stress.

Additional Clamping Power

The stem comes with opposing bolts on the steer tube clamp. These bolts serve to provide extreme clamping power on the steer tube. They also reduce stress on the system.


Perfect weight of the stem for your mountain bike is here. The stem weighs only 150 grams, an indication that there will be less overall weight added to your bike.

Final Verdict

Congratulations if you have read up to this level. I hope that by now you know what is good and what is bad when it comes to selecting the best mountain bike stem.

The factors such as handlebar width, bar diameter, construction, clamp design and the rise which I listed above as considerations should be taken into account carefully if you wish for a good stem.

The list of five best mountain bike stems discussed above was purely selected based on the performance factors. I have used some them and trust me they proved to be the best. Purpose to purchase one and you will never regret it.

David Echols

I have designed, built, and repaired bicycles, and has extensive experience in the saddle, competing, commuting and riding for leisure. I worked as a product manager for large and small bicycle manufacturers, raced competitively on the road and the trails, and has worked as a metropolitan bicycle courier.

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    If the fit works for you and the handlebar is to your preference then this is a great choice for those riding on mixed terrain.


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